Monday, August 08, 2005

Dental insurance program comparison

The differences between dental insurance if you are an individual verses a large corporation are many, not the least of which is a difference in the insurance premium. Large corporations have buying power, which basically means that large corporations have a lot of clout because they purchase many premiums. The number of premiums that a corporation can buy determines the extent and quality of the dental insurance program that is available to its employees.

If you have to purchase your insurance individually, you will have to pay a higher premium to cover yourself with the same benefits that a large corporation can provide for its employees. If you are going to purchase an individual policy, you would be doing yourself a favor if you shopped for "high risk group insurance." These are groups of people who have pulled their resources so that they can increase their buying power, which ultimately will increase the benefits that they enjoy when seeing their dentist.

If a crown costs $300 and you have individual insurance that doesn't cover crowns, you will have to pay the entire fee out of your pocket. However, in a high risk group, you may only be responsible for half the cost of a crown. This is great news for individuals who have to rely on their own resources for dental care.

A corporation will most likely cover the majority of the cost of a crown. The employee may have to pay a deductible or a copayment, but the insurance will cover the bulk of the bill. This is good news because employees can keep up their dental hygiene, which is important for self esteem.

If you are self-employed, you will find that dental insurance premiums and care are expensive for you, too. However, the value of pulling resources works in a self-employed workers benefit. Chambers of Commerce have begun their own groups so that they can increase their purchase power for insurance, including dental insurance. Once you purchase the insurance for you and your employees, you will enjoy savings on coverage that were not available only a few years ago. The more creative and innovative self-employed business owners are, the more affordable dental insurance becomes. This is good news for all consumers.